Hamamelis Virginiana Water


Hamamelis comes from a native shrub to North America, also known as “witch hazel”, is considered among the most precious and effective ingredients of natural cosmetics.
Its has astringent, decongestant, antibacterial, antifungal, haemostatic, healing, purifying and soothing properties. It’s also vasoconstrictor, which makes it useful in case of tired and swollen eyes, but also for tired legs and bruises. Useful for circulatory problems and couperose.
It has a hemostatic effect on cuts and is ideal for lightening skin blemishes and toning them.
a few drops of Hamamelis Water on insect bites can help. Native Americans used it often for this purpose, as well as to heal the skin.
Used in the formulations of creams and gels it is useful in the case of impure, reddened and as an eye contour skin.
Also excellent in the aftershaves.
It is also indicated for the treatment of pressure sores and is therefore useful also in the treatment of delicate and irritated skin, and in dark circles because it stimulates the formation of the epithelium by activating the microcirculation.